Mu 11r2 testing results

From: Angoli Giovanni (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 11:04:45 CET


I did some testing in my (little) spare time and here's the results:

bug in modem detection:
in modem detection if you choose probe and you got no modem connected
the probe fails and setup reshow the question but it got spurious
char in square brakes (that's the question itself)

bug in X:
Having only BASE,X11,VNC,WKS loaded X cannot start giving this error:
/usr/X11R6/bin/X: can't load library ''

The bug is fixed when SRV add-on is loaded because is located
under /usr/srv/lib

Missing w3m browser:
As reported in VNC help section VNC provides w3m browser, but it doesn't
seem to be there... there's only the entry in menu.
Oh well.. we got quark and lynx, that's enough.

Suggestion: better CD playing via pc-speaker

using the supplied command line in help resulted in a lot of noise :/
better command for cd playing via pc-speaker:

cdda2wav -D /dev/cdrom -B -eN -m -a 2

so cdda2wav records using this settings:
mono with 8 bits @ 22050 Hz

the -a switch (which does sampling rate 22050 Hz) isn't so important the
important option is -m (mono), with -s (stereo) the result is only noise as
previously reported (i think it's because of the mono nature of pc

all this stuff tested with a RAM muLinux v 11r2

Hope this helps...



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