Re: x-windows on 386 4mb ram

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 08:39:56 CET

On Mon, Nov 27, 2000 at 06:35:17PM -0800, winsor SMP nicely wrote:
> *grin*
> Add a big meaty swap file or partition(cloned system only), kill off all uneeded proccesses before starting X and use the smallest window manager you can find............
I faq'ed your answer. Please, Winsor: can you avoid to use symbols like "<" and
2>" in your reply? They breaks my SGML faq, because they render as tags.


In summing up, I wish I had some kind of affirmative message to leave
you with, I don't. Would you take two negative messages? - Woody Allen
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