Re: problems with 10r5

From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 17:04:57 CET

" (Walter Harms)" a écrit :

> hi all,
> i have have install 10r5 with my suse 6.4 system.
> After i removed some files mu where not able to file the images correctly they stoped at ca. 60%.
> anyone an idea whats going on ?

I don't really understand, but you could try to enlarge the "USR_RAW_SIZE" in mu.cnf to 4000 or the
Well you are trying to rebuild mu, that's it ?

> note: the are some mistakes in the mu script i thing
> /usr/local/bin/ldconfig does not exist

it is not a mistake, I think but a site dependant configuration... Maybe by Michele's
/usr/local/bin/ldconfig exists. Maybe
chroot $TREE /usr/local/bin/ldconfig
could be replaced by
chroot $TREE `which ldconfig`
but the fact that ldconfig isn't run in tree doesn't prevent mu to be build on my system.

> and when creating USR mu deletes the images and does then a mkfs (unsuccessfully of cause)

it seems strange to me, I recalled that mu first used a mount point to mount loop filesystem, and
then cdreate the usr filesystem on it, bzip it and only then copy it to USR.bz2. So why was
mkfs.ext2 unsuccessfull ?


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