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Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 18:57:32 CET

On Tue, 28 Nov 2000, Michele Andreoli wrote:

> > I tried to create a second user profile but something was wrong so I got a lot of error messages, I was not able to have the second configuration and I deleted the first profile, too. All that in a single shot!
> > Is there in the list an angel that can explain to me the way to get this target?
> > REMEMBER: I'm a newbie!
> If you can't live with more profiles on the startup floppy, you have to
> rebuild the base system. First, edit the file mu.cnf and change the
> value of BOOT_FREE (actual default is 35kB): this is the number of KB
> left free on the BOOT segment in the startup floppy-disk.
> [faq'ed]
> Michele

Dear Michele!

Your answer is very tight. I don't think a newbie would understand what he
or she needs to do. Yet the FAQ is aimed at newbies.

I'd love to suggest a more elaborate answer, but since I'm not quite sure
I understood myself, I cannot improve it, sorry.

Type well everybody, Mark

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