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Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 23:52:18 CET

On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 06:57:32PM +0100, Mark Roberts nicely wrote:
> >
> > If you can't live with more profiles on the startup floppy, you have to
> > rebuild the base system. First, edit the file mu.cnf and change the
> > value of BOOT_FREE (actual default is 35kB): this is the number of KB
> > left free on the BOOT segment in the startup floppy-disk.
> >
> > [faq'ed]
> > Michele
> Dear Michele!
> Your answer is very tight.
>I don't think a newbie would understand what he
> or she needs to do. Yet the FAQ is aimed at newbies.

Tight? It is my best in the current year! To be more expressive, I have
to put a note for every word in the statement:

If you can't live with more profiles(1) on the startup(2) floppy(3),
you have to rebuild(4) the base system(5).
First, edit the file mu.cnf(7) and change the
value of BOOT_FREE (actual default is 35kB)): this is the number of KB(8)
left free on the BOOT(9) segment(10) in the startup(11) floppy-disk.

1) profile=the set of pairs variable=value that define all you typed
   during the setup process
2) startup= is the first floppy you nicely inserted in the floppy
   driver, the first floppy in the muLinux distribution
3) floppy = see floppy-disk (if you can)
4) rebuild = see "mu -r" (if you can)
5) base system = this is the muLinux base OS system, on a 1722k floppy-disk
7) mu.cnf = this is the file named mu.cnf (in the main archive)
8) KB=Kb=kBytes 1024 bytes
9) BOOT= the first (bootable) segment in the startup floppy-disk (other
   are ROOT and USR)
10) segment = contiguus part in the floppy-disk (not standard def.)
11) see (2)

[re faq'ed]

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