Re: To trash the FAQ?

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 22:12:24 CET

Am Don, 30 Nov 2000 schrieb Michele:
> Some people writes me privately, telling the FAQ is a very
> bad work; that it is un-usable, un-understandable, etc.
> Every old subscriber to this list know the reluctance I
> started the FAQ, but to see how much it is considered
> counterproductive, it is a little surprising.
> So I ask now for your opinions: does it is better to remove
> the FAQ at all, from the site? Or is it amendable?

My opinion on this is quite simple:

   Ask each person complaining about the "un-usable" or otherwise
   bad FAQ to send you AT LEAST one FAQ entry in nicely corrected,
   beautified and enhanced form!

Who is able to complain will surely be able to improve things
because for being able to complain seriously one must SEE what
is bad and so it would be no impossible job to MAKE THINGS BETTER.

Please forgive me for crying but reading about people complaining
because the FAQ in their opinion is not good enough just makes me
wild! :-)

We have been without any FAQ for ages now and I was absolutely glad
to see that Michele has made the first, good steps towards an FAQ
now - seeing people complaining just doesn't help by any means.

Michele, please do NOT stop collecting the answers in this FAQ!!

If somebody really doesn't find the answer there he or she could
just take the plain text file and look for keywords using the grep
command: givene reasonable keywords there should be a good chance
to find at least a part of the solution -- the remaining could be
asked on the mailing list by telling *what* one did not understand
or what was different on the users' system.


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