Re: To trash the FAQ?

Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 23:17:49 CET

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> --- Michele Andreoli <> wrote:
>So I ask now for your opinions: does it is better to remove the FAQ
>at all, from the site? Or is it amendable?

Removing the FAQ will merely make "Where is the FAQ?" the most frequent
question on the list. I would add a note on the site saying something like
"The FAQ, in various languages, are here, but each is maintained seperately,
and infrequently. Assistance is greatly needed."

I'm fond of preaching "implement the documentation" to those under me, but
this is not that kind of a project, and I most emphaticly do NOT blame you
for not maintaining the FAQ. That's our job -- they are our questions, after
all, and we should add our answers as we find them.


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