Re: To trash the FAQ?

From: Stephen Isard (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 14:01:55 CET


> I can almost guarantee that you
> probably won't be able to make good progress with muLinux. Judging by your
> documentation and difficult-to-use faq, I think that not many people will
> want to use muLinux.

This must surely be a message from Bill Gates himself, trying to put the
competition out of business by underhand methods.

Of course even Bill Gates is entitled to have an opinion, but in my
view, and I think that of the other subscribers to this list, he is
displaying both arrogance and ignorance. You have already made good
progress with muLinux. It is wonderful, and keeps getting even better.

> ... Because English
> appears to not be your first language, it is important that you let
> somebody take care of the English documentation ....

I like the fractured English, it gives mu a personality of its own. I
have not found it unclear, except in a very few cases, and those have
been corrected through correspondence on the list.

> So, muLinux received more appreciation when was without FAQ!

It is probably just a coincidence that this person discovered the web
site soon after the faq appeared. What would he have said if there had
been no faq at all? Nothing more positive, I am sure.

Bon courage, keep up the good work.

Stephen Isard

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