Re: To trash the FAQ?

From: Vesa-Pekka Palmu (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 18:01:29 CET

I presonaly think that the muLinux is just GREAT, because it is
easy to configure (yes, i LOVE that setup, and the new dialog
system is also extraordinary!) muLinux filled a gap in my linux
needs, because I had been looking for a long time for an ideal
ditribution of Linux for my laptop, and muLinux fits like a glove...

I like very much to see such a small and usefull things, like
muLinux and e3 (the pico mode is very usefull, but I still have "to
learn vi" in my "to do" list.) I hate the current trend to push out
unfinished products, that are unoptimized and huge in size (like
most of the microsofts products [how can you spend more than
100 mb in a WORD PROCESSOR????)

So Michele whatever you do DON*T ABANDON THE MULINUX
PROJECT!!!!!!! It is just a great piece of art, and I mean ART,
because it fills all the criterias of art.

So cheer up Michele, the world has some bad people in it, but it
also has some good people in it, and you are definitly one of them!

PS. I will have more time next week to work on the html, so I think
that you will have something to try and look at by the end of next

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