e3 (was Re: To trash the FAQ?)

From: Albrecht Kleine (kleine@ak.sax.de)
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 19:03:58 CET

Vesa-Pekka Palmu AKA Depili wrote

> I like very much to see such a small and usefull things, like
> muLinux and e3 (the pico mode is very usefull, but I still have "to
> learn vi" in my "to do" list.) I hate the current trend to push out

about e3: I'just writing some more _vi_ commands for e3.
Personally I prefer other editors but anyway I'm doing that job.

So learning vi is no wasted time ;) .
(And I'm learning vi by adding new features to e3.)

BTW I've just found "UPX" the executable's compressor
Very nice tool. Gives circa 1800 byte more space for
vi-mode and emacs-mode extensions :) but keeps still inside
the limit of 10000 byte!!

> 100 mb in a WORD PROCESSOR????)
> So Michele whatever you do DON*T ABANDON THE MULINUX
> PROJECT!!!!!!! It is just a great piece of art, and I mean ART,
> because it fills all the criterias of art.

Of course agree for 100%!


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