RE: To trash the FAQ?

From: Eugene TS Wong (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 19:42:14 CET

--- winsor SMP <> wrote:
> Michele,
> It seems to me that the FAQ's in themselves are very useful.
> I think where the problem lies, is in the fact that to windows users
> Linux is an entirely alien operating system. getty??? proccess???
> uh...what's that???
> And extremely new users just don't know what terms mean.
> Maybe a link to "" is in order for the website.

I don't think that will solve a lot of the problems. Many of the questions
have been cut short and as a result, the mailing list will see questions
like, "Where are the sources?" and the person will get a reply like,
"...didn,'t you read the FAQs?". They read FAQs. It's just that they can't
find it. Sometimes the questions are doubled. They are much better now,
it's just that they were hard to read through, before.

I would agree, though, that there should be that link you mentioned. In
fact, there should also be a link to

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Eugene Wong
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