To trash the FAQ?

From: Karlheinz Koerber (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 22:18:21 CET

I am using muLinux since April 1999 after I found by chance that article
written by Karl-Heinz Zimmer in the German Linux Magazin, I think at
that time we had version 5r7. I sent my first mail to the list in May
1999. Since that time I learnt a lot by configuring things manually und
thus understanding what's happening ( or not happening ), better than
ever before using configuration-tools like yast and I had a lot of fun
with muLinux. Just listening to what people are discussing about on the
mailing list was always very useful for me.

So, Michele, please continue your great work on muLinux, whatever people
may criticize. IMHO it was a good idea to simply add things to the FAQ
list, even if the result not be perfect for everyone. I think those
people who really try to find answers to questions like "where are the
sources" or "how to put 1.7 MB on a 1.4 MB floppy" will get it.

BTW, I like the fractured English and discussions on topics e.g. "fermi"
- "femto" not at all belonging to the world of muLinux, but very very

Greetings from Germany

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