Re: e3 flavors

From: Albrecht Kleine (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 19:23:41 CET

> Hi all,
> Since e3 comes in so much flavors, would it be possible
> to have it work in a "more-or-less standard cross-
> platform"? I mean, like nedit or editors on Windows and
> Macintosh, type ^X to cut, ^C to copy, ^V to paste, ^F to
> find, ^S to save...

> So? What is needed for it?

Could you propose a _complete_ list of this key strokes,
including file_open, file_save etc.
(Consider there's no plan adding pull-down menues.)

If there's such a list, I could add another mode, perhaps
on the level of pico editor. As mentioned in other mail,
using UPX compressor there is now some free space again.

> Thank you.
> -- Denis.

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