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Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 22:18:01 CET

Hi, mu-people
> If you can't live with more preofiles...

THE IDEA WAS to have a "small" profile with basic configurations for fast jobs and an "advanced" profile, full configurated, for normal situations.
THE PROBLEM IS (as you said to me) the boot disk contain just a single profile.
THE SOLUTION IS: I created a boot disk labelled "basic" with basic configuration, than I created another disk labelled "ADVANCED" for the full-configured profile. And I GOT MY TARGET !!

I'm joking !!

As Mr Andreoli Suggested, i did "cat ./free" in mu-directory. This is the result:
    BOOT.raw: clean, 33/152 files, 574/585 blocks
    ROOT: clean, 701/760 files, 1621/1700 blocks
    BOOT=592, ROOT=585, USR=548, Total 1718
    4 k-bytes (uncompressed) free.
So only 4 kb free (not 14 !?).
I rised in "mu.cnf" the BOOT_FREE value from 35 to 39 kb, and I created a new BOOT DISK, without
problem. No problem I'd for the first configuration, too, but when i tried to create a second configuration,
the error message appear:

" saving "adv" profile on startup
    gzip: sdtout: no space left on device
Re-booting I was not able to load neither basic nor advanced profile.
The same resoult I'd over-rising BOOT-FREE value from 35 to 47 kb.

Probably the first joke-solution is not so stupid !!

Regards. Artu

Written in original "Fractured English"

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