Re: e3 flavors

From: Albrecht Kleine (
Date: Sat Dec 02 2000 - 10:59:51 CET

Denis wrote:

> Here are most of the shortcuts, not all of them relevant


> --Misc--
> F1 Help
> ^W Close Window
> F6 Next window
> ^F6 Previous window
> Some are not standardized, as Find next(^G), Replace(^H),
> Go to Line(^G) or Quit. For those I picked up my preferred
> shortcuts.
> There could be problems with SHIFT-induced selection. If

Exactly. For SHIFT-arrows I don't get special key codes return
from the console driver.

> this is an issue use a select-trigger e.g. F2 to
> start/stop selection.

Exactly. F-keys are possible, but I've not yet an overview
how _different_ F-keys handled on different terminals.
Maybe we should switch to Alt-... For example I would not
support F1 because Alt-H should do the job.

A question: _HOW_ do you _call_ this key_list / edit_mode ?
Is it "common user access" (CUA) or such ?
Or is it simply a subset of "nedit" or similar. ?
Or is it "generic WINDOW$" ?

BTW "Close Window/Next window/Previous window"
won't be supported. Sorry.

> -- Denis.

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