FAQ... or Knowledge Base???

From: Marko Djukic (tech@oblo.com)
Date: Sat Dec 02 2000 - 10:56:13 CET

Ok just started a bit of a cleaning/pruning/updating session of the FAQ
and had a tought...

Maybe it is a case of actually defining what is being created here... a
FAQ is actually a collection of *FREQUENTLY* asked questions... hence,
by definition it should not go into heavily technical questions as they
most probably are not asked that frequently.

Just looking at the table of contents, the muLinux FAQ is getting to be
of noteable size! and it has some quite specific questions being
asked/answered. Which in turn makes it all the more complex to navigate,
maintain and keep current.

I see two distinct types of users who need information:
1. the newbie who needs to get started with as little trouble as
2. the ex-newbie and the users with at least some linux technical
knowledge who need more in-depth questions answered.

User 1. won't need a 200 item FAQ, but a small, essential collection of
tips to get up and running tonight. User 2. should not need to navigate
all the general, basic questions to find the more technical and specific

As a suggestion, what if:
1. The FAQ is limited to REALLY frequently asked questions, those which
are deemed the minimum to get a user up and running muLinux. Because at
that point the user is starting to have some general Linux and muLinux
knowledge to be able to dig deeper and figure things out...
2. A separate structure, a "Knowledge Base" (KB) is created to cater to
every question answered with a solution provided. This should not have a
"contents" as such, but an "index". Hence it should not be readable from
A-Z but searchable. This would mean that all the questions being asked
can be constantly placed into the KB with their answers without having
to worry about some general readability structure.

This would solve the majority of problems:
1. give newbies the tool for a quick muLinux start;
2. give more experienced users more in-depth searchable information
3. allow for easier maintaining of the FAQ (hence make the FAQ more
4. allow for easier maintaining of an "expert" technical guide

Any toughts?


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