Re: To refuse going to Firenze??? (was: To trash the FAQ?)

From: Vesa-Pekka Palmu (
Date: Sun Dec 03 2000 - 10:23:40 CET

> A Linux user (or also a newbie) is prone to understand the eroism behind the free
> software concept; but an alien, used to copy unpaid MS licenses,
> simply tell "What? But Windows does it much better! Why to changes?"

Well if they by any chance end up trying Linux, they will know the
difference. My opinnion is that M$ fakes the ability to multi task
quite well... And after all, most of the "stereotypes" of Linux have
been formed years ago, before we had the moder and good looking
(but HUGE) distros (there are execptions, like Peanut linux , a
150mb installed with KDE) also the ease of configuration has
improved very much. (I still remember my first contact with Linux,
an anticient Slackware installation form a poor quality magasine cd
[I had to use 3 CD's to get a working copy of the installation files])

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