Re: To refuse going to Firenze??? (was: To trash the FAQ?)

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Sun Dec 03 2000 - 15:38:02 CET

On Sun, Dec 03, 2000 at 11:23:40AM +0200, Vesa-Pekka Palmu nicely wrote:
> > A Linux user (or also a newbie) is prone to understand the eroism behind the free
> > software concept; but an alien, used to copy unpaid MS licenses,
> > simply tell "What? But Windows does it much better! Why to changes?"
> Well if they by any chance end up trying Linux, they will know the
> difference. My opinnion is that M$ fakes the ability to multi task
> quite well...

Ok, but the random Windows user do not requires so much; a system which
requires one or two shutdown for day is still acceptable for him, and
I agree.

The difference is not the single user: why an high-schools have to
buy MS for its lab? Linux is more pedagogical, for that.


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