Re: Ease of installation - follow up

From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Mon Dec 04 2000 - 09:33:26 CET

Angel Martin Alganza a écrit :

> RAMDISK: Compressed image found at block 597
> the system then continues reading the floppy for a little while (I think
> it's decompressing such image -which I guess it must be the root system)
> and then gives hundreds of 'end_request" error messages such as this one:
> end_request: I/O error, dev 01:00, sector 170146

It isn't not only decompressing. First it has to extract in RAM the compressed
filesystem residing on disk.

> and goes like this forever, changing the sector number on every new line.
> Am I doing something wrong? Is the BOOT floppy not properly
> generated, despite the fact that the mu -i script says it was ok? Could it
> be a problem of my hardware (my floppy drive, perhaps)?

Only a guess : maybe your floppy has bad blocks. That's why there is a
problem. But normally, ./mu -i should have warned you when formatting, and
then verifying. However, as it isn't a fatal error, you still may have mu -i
terminating by "ok, reboot your system and have fun" although there were bad
blocks on the disk, which prevent mu to work properly.

> Would somebody be so kind to make a raw floppy image of BOOT (EXT
> and X11 also would be great if someone would do it) so that I can simply dd
> or cat it to a floppy, please? I would be really thankful if I would get
> such a thing. (BTW, I still think it would be marvelous to get muLinux
> floppies as raw images).

I am not so sure that it would be so good to have raw mulinux images, as
standard mulinux requires floppy to be formatted in 1722k.
But if you really want to do this by hand, format your disk and do a
cat BOOT ROOT.gz USR.bz2 > /dev/fd0
it should work with standard mulinux. There is no mystery, it is what ./mu -i
does. But it turns to be a bit harder with other setups than BOOT/ROOT/USR on
a single 1722k floppy, so it remains better to let ./mu -i do the job.
And still "./mu -i\n\n\n" remains simpler than "fdformat /dev/fd0H1722 \n cat
BOOT ROOT.gz USR.bz2 > /dev/fd0\n". (\n stands for a newline...).


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