Re: Ease of installation - follow up

From: Angel Martin Alganza (
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 11:26:40 CET

Hello Pat, hello everybody!

At 09:33 04/12/2000 +0100, Dumas Patrice <> wrote:

>I am not so sure that it would be so good to have raw mulinux images, as
>standard mulinux requires floppy to be formatted in 1722k.
>But if you really want to do this by hand, format your disk and do a
>cat BOOT ROOT.gz USR.bz2 > /dev/fd0
>it should work with standard mulinux. There is no mystery, it is what ./mu -i
>does. But it turns to be a bit harder with other setups than BOOT/ROOT/USR on
>a single 1722k floppy, so it remains better to let ./mu -i do the job.
>And still "./mu -i\n\n\n" remains simpler than "fdformat /dev/fd0H1722 \n cat
>BOOT ROOT.gz USR.bz2 > /dev/fd0\n". (\n stands for a newline...).

In fact! I've got it that way! cat did the trick w/o any problem. I've had
a look at the mu script and, in fact, there is mystery in there. Thank you
very much, Pat! But... anyway... it hasn't worked for me... curious, isn't
it? [Of course (as always), I made sure floppies I tried were ok... no bad
sectors, several brand new floppies of SONY, TDK, BULK and other brands.
And they also work with other images... As I said beafore, I have a lot of
experience making floppies out of raw images both under Linux (PC and Sparc
using cat or dd) & under Windows (rawrite and WinImage).

         Anyway... I've finally got the toy I wanted to play with...
tomorrow is a day off here... and I'll be expending most of it to
muLinux... I'm exited :) I've downloaded 11r2 and I'll play with it
instead of 10r5, which I was trying to get up until I've got Pat's email.

Thanks a lot,

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