[mu OT] GRANDE errore! (was: To refuse going to Firenze???)

From: khz@snafu.de
Date: Wed Dec 06 2000 - 14:20:47 CET

Michele wrote:
> because my opinion about Free Software is too eccentric to
> be exposed in a technical meeting. What should be happen if
> I will affirm that FreeSoftware is less stable of PaidSoftware,
> because the second is based on the money, and the first is based
> on the ... love?

Michele, I am sure you are absolutely wrong. :-)

- Free software is based on let's call it love
  and on the passion of people!

- Paid software is based on money.

---> Free software is better, because if you do something for money
      you have to come to an end rapidly.

If you do something out of love and out of passion you will make it
as GOOD as you can - _not_ as soon as you can.

To proove that I am right, just have a look at your own muLinux:

You are trying your very best and you are investing FAR more time
in making it GOOD than you could afford to do when being paid
for the job.

We here in Hamburg try to make a very good StarOffice but I would
never _dare_ to say that our product is better than the work of Free
and unpaid developers, you may believe me this!

So go to Firenze and tell them:

(a) Free software is of superior quality!
(b) Bugs are usually found and fixed faster than in proprietary products!


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