Re: [mu OT] GRANDE errore! (was: To refuse going to Firenze???)

From: Andrew Walters (
Date: Wed Dec 06 2000 - 23:53:21 CET wrote:

> Michele wrote:
>> because my opinion about Free Software is too eccentric to
>> be exposed in a technical meeting. What should be happen if
>> I will affirm that FreeSoftware is less stable of PaidSoftware,
>> because the second is based on the money, and the first is based
>> on the ... love?
> Michele, I am sure you are absolutely wrong. :-)
> ---snip---
> To proove that I am right, just have a look at your own muLinux:
> You are trying your very best and you are investing FAR more time
> in making it GOOD than you could afford to do when being paid
> for the job.
Think about it - what's more stable? Windows or muLinux?
If there were bets on it right now, where yould you all put your money?

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