Re: e3 flavors

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 22:33:00 CET

On Fri, Dec 08, 2000 at 08:48:53PM +0100, Albrecht Kleine nicely wrote:
> n=read(fd2[0],buf,20480);
> // never got more than 4096 byte!
> How this is to change to pass data up to 1 MB to sed and vice versa
> w/o blocking?

Maybe, you are facing with the virtual memory management in the
linux kernel? 4096 byte seems to be the PAGE_SIZE. What is the
syscall you are using? kmalloc or similar?

Why do not assume this more semplicist approach:

                1. copy the buffer in a file, such /tmp/buffer
                2. run sed on /tmp/buffer
                3. reload the buffer?

It is ugly, but do not use pipes or additional ram.


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