Re: e3 flavors

From: Albrecht Kleine (
Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 15:30:11 CET

Michele wrote:

> Why do not assume this more semplicist approach:
> 1. copy the buffer in a file, such /tmp/buffer
> 2. run sed on /tmp/buffer
> 3. reload the buffer?
> It is ugly, but do not use pipes or additional ram.

Okay, you get it.. It works!
Also new: the NEDIT mode.
And using UPX compressor e3 is now at circa 9100 byte only,
but have to add some more error checking etc. but the deadline
for releasing is end of next week.

This new e3 1.2 should be a kind of Christmas present for you
and the whole net out there :-)


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