Re: testing mu 11r2

From: Renato (
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 13:50:11 CET

Em 07/12/2000, vocÍ estava dizendo:

>Removed "ae": we have now the much better E3 family. But I can re-add, because
>it "ae" is little.
I will try to learn how to use E3.
>> In eth0 setup you show the option of 3C90x adapter but there is no 3C90x.o available to insmod and setup didn't install any module.
>3c90x is in the SRV addon. This is the drive I currently use on my system.
>Please, check if missing.
Well. So we can not have 3C90x adapter in a WKS instalation, unless we pick the module in SRV addon and install it manually?

Since Becker's 3c59x driver is more compreensive than 3Com 3c90x driver I think you should use 3c59x for 3c90x adapters too. I install it in my computer and it is working fine with 3c900b. You could use 3c90x.o space in SRV disquete for something else.

Why don't you test your NIC with 3c59x to see if it works like Don Becker says?


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