[MU: OT] Music notation

From: Mark Roberts (mu@manumark.de)
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 18:27:13 CET

Hello all,

this has nothing whatsoever to do with muLinux, but it has to do with
pretty typesetting and with no-WYSIWYG.

Can anybody provide me with a TeX (not LaTeX)-file which produces one line
of music like the one found as postscript in the attachment? I am
desperate because I need to hand in the document next week.

So if someone knows MusiXTeX or MusicTeX or MuTeX, or can get lilypond to
create a line of music instead of a whole document (this is important),
please please help me!

No other mailing list is so full of friendly and well-read people.

Mark Roberts

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