Re[2]: Progresses, rfc

From: Maxim Belooussov (
Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 19:48:13 CET

Hello Michele,

Wednesday, December 13, 2000, 11:46:09 AM, you wrote:

>> So I'm not really happy about using 10% Disk space. Looks like WindoZe ;(
>> Is that only for UMSDOS or also for Ext2 Linux? So that is really not what
>> i want from a Linux.

MA> I introduced the feature primary for the muLinux booting from
MA> the CDROM. In the case, I can shutdown the feature for the EXT2
MA> incarnation, because it is used only by experts, thus they know
MA> how to setup theyr swap.

Why not make an image of CDROM? %) I guess it will be VERY small,
after all. Small enough to fit on 12 MB? (I've heard once there was a
company that produced a 12MB cdroms, that are the size of a business
card - and they work!)

In this case people could just plug the CD in, boot, work. On the
other hand, muLinux is not for "very-modern" computers (no pun

By the way, I've also had problems installing release 11 - EMU package
hungs up the system and since I could not debug it, I had to delete the
package file (never used it anyway). The rest of the stuff works
great, except that I've expected to have a nicer-looking lynx (not
only black-and-white version).

P.S. I've tried to add your distro to (a Russian
site), wrote a small discription (translated what you've written on
your site into Russian), gave the correct links, etc. I hope it'll
work and you'd be able to offer your distro to all of the Russian
Federation. Your "fructured english" will be very welcome there! %)

Best regards,
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