announce e3 v1.2 just released

From: Albrecht Kleine (
Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 21:31:50 CET


two days earlier than expected
I've released another new e3 version!

What's new?

a) Linux only: the vi mode now uses /bin/sed as child process in EX mode.
   Everytime if e3vi does not recognize the command, e3vi will pipe
   the whole editor text buffer through sed. I.e. you can use pure sed
   commands like:
        1,6 s/foo/bar/g
        2,$ d
        8,$ w filecopy
   (TAKE CARE: sed won't know your current cursor position in e3.
    ANYWAY: now you can use the power of regular expressions in e3!)

b) I've added a new mode similar to Nedit,
   but not the same: the search style used comes from WordStar-,
   the selection style comes from Emacs-mode.

c) Also there are some bugfixes, please compare ChangeLog.

d) In Linux now we use UPX packer at URL

e) e3.c in included again

f) as a special exception (due UPX) I've added a Linux binary to the
   source code archive.

Enjoy it,

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