Re: announce e3 v1.2 just released

From: Albrecht Kleine (
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 21:44:01 CET


> Nice job Albrecht,
> You have fulfilled my dreams with the new e3 !!!
> Thank you for the Nedit mode
> Here are the results of my first tests:
> 1. The Openfile/Newfile feature is neat. It has some problems, though:
> -selection remains active when the starting screen opens

Will be fixed....It's general a problem writing some partial pieces
of software one does never use itself, just like nedit mode.
For me using WS _and_ emacs _and_ vi are really enough ;)

> 2. By the way, is there any shortkey to "close the selection"? I mean, if
> starting a selection with ^SPACE, it will expand until I press ^C or ^X. What

That's Emacs style :)

> 3. Pressing an arrow key in HELP screen will insert some text
This is a general problem because one never knows how long some esc
sequences are. Sorry. Not to change, at least not with small solution.

> 4. Wish-list: an auto-crop feature (go to line after N characters, default
> 73)

?? ??
You think of inserting a newline character?

> OUUUUUUPS I got a segmentation fault. I tried too much games typing this text
> with the new e3 ;-)

I will update the distribution with a bugfix release (e3-1.3) next week.

Enjoy it,

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