Re: announce e3 v1.2 just released

From: denis (
Date: Thu Dec 14 2000 - 20:34:58 CET

Nice job Albrecht,
You have fulfilled my dreams with the new e3 !!!

Thank you for the Nedit mode
Here are the results of my first tests:

1. The Openfile/Newfile feature is neat. It has some problems, though:
-selection remains active when the starting screen opens
-current buffer is written to the disk without prompt

2. By the way, is there any shortkey to "close the selection"? I mean, if
starting a selection with ^SPACE, it will expand until I press ^C or ^X. What

if I don't want to copy or cut the selection in fine? Pressing ^SPACE again
starts a new selection from current position.

3. Pressing an arrow key in HELP screen will insert some text

4. Wish-list: an auto-crop feature (go to line after N characters, default

OUUUUUUPS I got a segmentation fault. I tried too much games typing this text

with the new e3 ;-)

Concerning the new EX-mode in vi flavor:

Why not add the current line number before the command, so sed could move to
current line before executing the command? Using "." in the command should
do the action on the current line. Does not seem too much of a change :-)

Albrecht Kleine a écrit :

> Hi,
> two days earlier than expected
> I've released another new e3 version!
> What's new?
> ===========
> a) Linux only: the vi mode now uses /bin/sed as child process in EX mode.
> Everytime if e3vi does not recognize the command, e3vi will pipe
> the whole editor text buffer through sed. I.e. you can use pure sed
> commands like:
> 1,6 s/foo/bar/g
> 2,$ d
> 8,$ w filecopy
> s/./\./g
> (TAKE CARE: sed won't know your current cursor position in e3.
> ANYWAY: now you can use the power of regular expressions in e3!)
> b) I've added a new mode similar to Nedit,
> but not the same: the search style used comes from WordStar-,
> the selection style comes from Emacs-mode.
> c) Also there are some bugfixes, please compare ChangeLog.
> d) In Linux now we use UPX packer at URL
> e) e3.c in included again
> f) as a special exception (due UPX) I've added a Linux binary to the
> source code archive.
> Enjoy it,
> Albrecht
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