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From: Gerrit Lammert (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 00:35:18 CET

Hi Michele,

> Trasferring all the "intelligence", from the base floppy, on the
> various addons. Isn't true?
> MuLinux is *as is* (i.e. 'resource based', not 'addon based') primarily
> for historic raisons: the 'addon' concept was born after the
> 'resource' concept, so I implemented the addon as simple resource.

You are not transferring any intelligence, you are sharing ist ;-)
In a team, everyone should know his or her part. There is no use, if the
leader of the team knows all and the members don't know anything.
Why should the leader have all the skills and all the others are just there
to carry things?
And if the leader is out there alone and he has the knowlegde to open the
safe (or help the wounded animal or else) and he has no tool to do it?
Let the Doctor do the healing, let the scientist do the research... and let
there be the leader, who combines all these skills.

Puh, hope this was not way off... :-)

I mean, the base floppy should always be the base floppy, with all these
wonderful script-based replacement and let it keep control.
There is the mentioned nuclinux and similar to cover some
"make-it-an-internet-terminal"-purpose, not more not less, there is good ol'
tomsrtbt wich is pure system rescue. In my point of view, muLinux can be
both or anything else by choosing the addons you need (you did go further in
that direction by introducing the WKS-SVR-split). It covers know the space
between strictly single-disk distros and real big ones.

> It is for this raison that I show at the first boot every addon INFO
> screen, with the short description about its contains. The containt list
> is never perfect, because I often move binaries from a point to another,
> and forget to upgrade every info screen. But what I write on the homesite
> is more and more obsolete, if compared with info screens!

But before downloading, I KNOW that there is an X11 addon, so the first
thing I do when I'm in need of an desktop is to try this addon.


> This is possible without to break the current implementation and, finally,
> also very exciting to do using the simple "ftpget" command.
> I will implement an upgrade-wizard via FTP, if you like, but all that
> seems to me a sort of "grandeur mania".

I think that would be a neat feature, but you have to choose the right
add-on, it has to fit to se setup-script on the base-floppy. That means
there must remain every addon-version in its own directory.
It only makes sense (and thats why I mentioned it), if you can use an newer
version of an add-on with an older base-floppy.
There are some other problems then, as you still have to save the
addon-configuration data on the first disk and have to reconfire it
everytime you upgrade an addon (best if someone can seize the already made
decisions and just enter the new ones...).

> "it connected to and fetched everything i need"?
> I'm at jurassik stage as far internet bandwith is concerned,
> but, please, what kind of connection you are using for a similar task?

I have an ADSL-Flatrate, so I have the Power of about 85 kb/s without any
charge :-))
I yust wanted to try that way of installation, in fact I HAVE a SUSE 7.0 DVD
around here.
It didn't take too long to download and install that 1 GB-System...

But as muLinux is much smaller, everybody should be able to efford an
internet-installation... :-)

> Often, I also get excited from some new idea, such to rewrite all
> by scratch. My experience teach me: to rewrite by scratch is a success
> only if the improvement is sensible. Otherwise, it is better to
> open the file and add some new function.

Please, never change anything althought you don't stand behind it.
My intention (and that of Jochen too, I suppose) was to just mention this
idea. It's up to you to like it too or to think it nonsense.
Let there be a discussion about it if you are unsure.
By the way, I DO reinstall my windows and linux every few month, just to get
rid of the things I once used, then forgot and now don't need anymore.
System is much faster after that.
Linux too ;-)
But that is, because I have not much experience that could have tought me
better. I just LIKE installing and testing new things... :-)

sleep well...


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