Cripple the Base Floppy ??? (was: New way to install.. was Re: another mod...)

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 07:40:00 CET

Am Mon, 18 Dez 2000 schrieb Gerrit Lammert:
> Hi Michele,
> > Trasferring all the "intelligence", from the base floppy, on the
> > various addons. Isn't true?
> > MuLinux is *as is* (i.e. 'resource based', not 'addon based')
> > primarily for historic raisons: the 'addon' concept was born
> > after the 'resource' concept, so I implemented the addon as
> > simple resource.
> You are not transferring any intelligence, you are sharing ist ;-)

Besides from that smiley, are trying to discuss or to /persuade/ here?

> In a team, everyone should know his or her part.
[more such tales]
> Let the Doctor do the healing, let the scientist do the research...
> and let there be the leader, who combines all these skills.


this happens each year: every year we once or twice face somebody
bringing his/her really strong arguments for changing the way muLinux
is designed and crippleing the Base Floppy.

You are not right with that 'not' above.

Your proposal means in reallity thyt the Base Floppy will not be such
a powerfull tool anymore after that 'intellicence sharing' process
has been applied.

I do not know about the others but I do NOT WANT to get a muLinux
that fits best for people looking for a Mini-Distro to be installed
on low-ressource machines WHEN this means the Base Floppy seeing
loosing even more of its functionallity!

Bring your arguments for this but - please - do not try to persuade
us by telling nice stories about a team and its leader and so on!

There is a group of add-ons - NOT a team of players!

If the Base Floppy will stop being that extremely usefull tool that
it is today you will loose many the 'hard core users' who want to
use muLinux as a TOOL - not as an easy to install Mini-Distri for
their 486 machines.

You further say:
> It covers know the space between strictly single-disk distros
> and real big ones.

That is ONE way you can see it.
Another way is that you see it being a great 1-disk Linux tool
with the *option* to be enhanced by using the add-ons.

I don't like the idea of this *option* having converted into a *must*.

> By the way, I DO reinstall my windows and linux every few month,
> just to get rid of the things I once used, then forgot and now
> don't need anymore.


You are just kidding here?


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