[mu SETUP] isp/pppd setup

From: oliver goetting (oliver_goetting@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Oct 30 2001 - 13:40:52 CET

Hi all,

I'm Oliver, new to this list and to mulinux as well
(got the hint to this distribution from a coworker of
mine - a Linux programmer and ~guru .-).
Installed and configured it last days at home (local
master for my domain "home.net" :-), 5 windows PS's):
ext2 partition and running from it (it took me w while
to understand the installation via floppies only,
anyway) on an old P90. Got most of the things working
: routing, masquerading, rudimentary firewalling,
smbd, named, X, ..., only standby/hdparam core-dumps
:-[ !
Was relay amazed how much can fit on 9 or 10 floppy's,
even if I didn't installed them all (no TEX,...).
Really a great, well done job !

But now to my question:

Using isp setup, I tried to configure my external
modem (dev/ttyS1) and ISP settings. got it that far
that modem dials, starts handshaking but then
disconnects -> most likely authorization problem :-[ .
My ISP (Arcor.net in Germany) uses CHAP, with my
Win2000 box it worked just fine (even if there is a
MD5 CHAP protocol reported - Does somebody knows the
difference ?).
What magic (and how is it done) inside, is there a way
to monitor the authorization handshake ? Any
documentation, what and where to tweak manually? I'm
pretty much lost right now, tried a lot and different
things, but even with the default settings from
"setup" (except login and password and so on of
course) noooooo luck :-[!!!

Thanks a lot in advance


| Oliver Götting oliver.goetting@bigfoot.com |
| Louis-Köhler-Weg 8 Tel : +49 351 459 5074 |
| 01108 Dresden-Weixdorf Fax : +49 351 459 5074 |
| Mobil : +49 174 6718 656 |

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