Re: [mu SETUP] isp/pppd setup

From: Sebastian Leske (
Date: Wed Oct 31 2001 - 01:24:11 CET


> Using isp setup, I tried to configure my external
> modem (dev/ttyS1) and ISP settings. got it that far
> that modem dials, starts handshaking but then
> disconnects -> most likely authorization problem :-[ .
> My ISP ( in Germany) uses CHAP, with my
> Win2000 box it worked just fine (even if there is a
> MD5 CHAP protocol reported - Does somebody knows the
> difference ?).

Ach, noch ein Deutscher. Tach! :-) Aber Englisch ist hier wohl eher

As it happens I also use Arcor. My dialin number is 0192072 , if you
use the same number, we use the same service (don't know how many kinds
of Internet access Arcor offers, they are a big company).
Anyway, I remember having trouble setting up Arcor in my dialup program
(kppp, excellent program!) precisely because they don't use CHAP, but
PAP! Once I switched to PAP, everything worked fine. Maybe you should
try using PAP?

If it still fails, you could try using wvdial to connect, it supposedly
figures out all those parameters for itself (but I'm afraid you'd need a
regular Linux for that, don't know whether it works with muLinux).

> What magic (and how is it done) inside, is there a way
> to monitor the authorization handshake ?

Set the debug option for pppd (see man pppd), then pppd will log to
syslog. Then look at those logs and post them here, if neccessary. Then
someone should be able to help.


Sebastian Leske

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