From: Karlheinz Koerber (
Date: Fri Jan 11 2002 - 23:12:21 CET

I use a DSL-modem from German Telekom connected to the hub of my private
network, muLinux v12r0, Netscape 3.0, pppd version 2.4.1 and the Roaring
Penguin PPPoE Software. There were some small problems corcerning
directories and missing programs like "id" used in the original rp-pppoe
scripts, but now it works for me. Sorry, I don't know anything about
creating an addon for muLinux, but I will try to help if someone is able
to do so.

greetings from Germany

Henrik Pihl schrieb:
> I was hoping to use the mulinux dist. as a router, but then i
> found out that pppd was too old for that and some more problems, when
> trying to use PPOE over Ethernet. I would be really grateful, if anyone
> would compose a addon for that (for i=too lazy for that) :)
> Henrik

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