missing memory

From: Stephen Isard (S.IsardDeleteThis@ed.ac.uk)
Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 14:16:51 CEST

I have put mulinux on a Twinhead Slimnote DX2 notebook computer for a
colleague, but had to use the "low memory" installation method. The
machine's bios claims that it has 7808kB of memory. I think that
usually counts as 8MB, since the "kB" are 1024 bytes and
7808*1024=7995392, which is very close to 8000000 bytes. However, when
I run the "free" command or look at /proc/meminfo in linux, they report
a total of only 6716kB (6877184 bytes). So I seem to be missing more
than a megabyte under linux, which is probably why I needed the "low
memory" tactics to load mu. (I can't boot tomsrtbt at all.) Can anyone
suggest why this might be happening, and whether there is anything I can
do to reclaim the missing memory?


Stephen Isard

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