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Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 20:13:36 CET

('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) If you were to use perl for this job your username and password could be placed in hidden fields in a form stored on your local machine or read from a simple config file and possibly even written to a perl generated html page with nothing but a simple "update now" button on it.
I wrote an update page(local html page) for using just this trick a while back.
Unfortunately wasn't to pleased with the idea of people using their service without looking at their advertising banners "at that time".

In reality though I do think that a "bogus(rustic) DNS system" would be a great addition to the muLinux project, if it can be implemented in a few k or less............But we still could use a central server to feed all this data to........or some sort of a nc or perl related deamon written for muLinux itself to act as a central "DNS" server.
Like I've said about muLinux before........all the tools are there, if only one can figure out how to use them for any purpose desired

> "no one" <> Re: Dynamic DNSDate: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 21:40:30 +0000
>Right, hacked together a quick one in Bash + nc + small amount of c.
>Only stumbling block was that you need a base64 one-way hash of the username
>& password to make the request - so wrote a quick c wrapper around one of
>the functions from ez-ipupdate. Services other than dyndns seemed to be
>validated & updated in an almost identical way, it would appear that the
>author of ez-ipupdate intended to resuse his general purpose code with
>specific server data, but that the slight differences grew too many & so he
>copy & pasted his code, with seperate function's for seperate dynamic dns
>systems - glued together with the network code.
>Anyway, quick tarball thrown to
>For anybody out there interested,
>doesn't do any checking to see whether request was processed (simple a
>grep'ing the server reply), and you have to enter username&pass into the
>shellscript (not good); but, well - it works! And should take just a couple
>of k & compile just fine and dandy on mu (currently libc6 binaries, can't be
>bothered to reboot machine).
>If anybody else wants me to look at any other dynamic dns services (all very
>similar), or to write an UI for it... just reply...
>Michele, is this something that you might want in the proper release? A full
>setup interface to it would be interesting... :-)

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