Re: Dynamic DNS

From: no one (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 21:25:58 CET

rebooted into mu after school, recompiled the .c for libc5 (it contains a
major buffer overflow, could someone show me how to check for size of reads
in scanf?), wrote a .fun file for it, restructed it & tidied it generally a

It should now work. Perfectly. With a full (rustic) interface from setup -f

If somebody could download & test it (softmodem=>no 'net from mu),
especially if they have a couple of network interfaces (it grep's ifconfig's
output); I think this would be just about ready for release...
Michele, would you consider this for mu? I know it adds another other
binary, but compressed with gzip, the total addition to mu is about 2.5Kb
for anybody interested :-)


>Like I've said about muLinux before........all the tools are there, if only
>one can figure out how to use them for any purpose desired

Well, I have no idea how to manufacteur a web interface, but it sounds like
you do :-)
And _that_ would most definitely be useful :-)

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