RE: "...not an ELF file" error at login

From: Niedermeyer, Franz (
Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 15:55:21 CET


You write more than a week after I did it! Let me try to recall

The 22% stall occurred after booting the base floppy, setting up /usr, and
then attempting to load the SRV floppy. It was loading the SRV floppy that
stalled at 22%.

So I rebooted, loading only the base floppy, including /usr.

[I will digress momentarily by mentioning that I was installing to an ext2
partition, and had to also copy a seperate LILO file from an otherwise blank
ms-dos formatted floppy to the / (root) directory before the next step,
since LILO is no longer on the base floppy but is required for cloning onto
an ext2 partition. NOTE: I used the c.200K version of LILO from SRV,
although there is another c.65K version floating around. Which is the right
one, Michele?]

Then I ran the 'clone' command to transfer the software, that was at that
moment being stored in precious RAM disks, to the hard disk.

I then rebooted once again (for the last time!) without a floppy, letting
the hard disk bring up the base muLinux with /usr utilities. It was then a
simple matter of letting the system load the addon disks that it asks for!
If for some reason it doesn't ask, you can manually load addons with 'setup
-f SRV' (this example loads the SRV addon).

The reason this method works is that the filesystem is now running on the
hard disk instead of in RAM-disks. This frees up precious RAM for actual
work space, such as decompressing the addons' archives (which previously
stalled at 22%).

Hope this helps, and above all I hope it's accurate!


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Sorry to digress, but what solution to the 22% stalling problem?


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Dear wise muLinuxers:

I've installed 12r2 onto an 8MB 486 laptop's 500MB hard disk, having
overcome the "22%" stalling problem and the missing LILO problem, thanks to
all the Mulinux list messages over the past year or so. Lots of work, but
well worth it!

Now I am left with one problem that has me thoroughly stumped. I have run
clone, installed and configured all of the addons (yes...all of them), and
then automatically switched into runlevel 5 for the full muLinux login
prompt. When I enter 'root' at the login prompt, I get the following error
(duplicated as I see it):

   muLinux 12r2 running Linux/2.0.36 tty1 [Italian flag]
   mulinux login: root
   /usr/bin/ile: '/usr/bin/' is not an ELF file
   /usr/bin/ile: can't load library ''

   muLinux 12r2 running Linux/2.0.36 tty1 [Italian flag]
   mulinux login:

Obviously, I am unable to login except in maintenance mode, which is
runlevel 3 I think.

Any advice, anyone?? Thanks!


p.s.- if anyone would please guide me to Michele's postal address, I would
like to send him a postcard with thanks for a fantastic effort well done,
as I believe he once requested!

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