AW: AW: [mu TECH] would it be easy to add gnupg?

From: Kautzmann Gerd (
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 09:03:42 CET

>From: Kautzmann Gerd <>
>Anyway, maybe the right question I meant is: is it
>possible to compile a software in mulinux?

As far as I can figure: the only things missing are
ar, header files, and bash.

You can get bash from me:

The missing headers can be found (I have a copy and
will post it if need be).

The /usr/include/linux headers can be gotten from
Kernel 2.0.36 archive at

I don't want to compile a new kernel .... but I think it will be enough to
compile some tools and programms for mulinux.

( my Suse is now to advacnced to compile anything for libc.5.0. I got so
much troble with my old Suse Linux version cause I couldn't compile or
install anything new .... so I will not do any 'reupdate' on it. )

cu Gerd

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