Re: [mu SETUP] Getting X to work on an old Mitac 4022 Laptop.

From: Stephen Isard (
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 17:21:06 CET

Peter Nunn wrote:

Sorry for the delayed reply. My mail went funny yesterday.

> I tried adding ct65525 to the chip set statement, hacked around the config

Did you try eliminating the chip set statement altogether? I don't
think you need one.

> I just looked at the XF86 site and discovered no binaries for mulinux so I'm
> really running out of ideas.

What you need is a binary for libc5, not mulinux specifically. You can
find a bunch at

(that's all one long line). There's an svga and a mono one.

> How did you get a now version of XF86 on your machine? To install the
> source would take a week on this old thing.

I can't remember whether I got it from the site I've just mentioned or
from an old RedHat distribution
( I
definitely didn't recompile from source.

Good luck,

Stephen Isard

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