Re: Trying to install on 386

From: Craig Turner (
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 06:25:13 CET

On Tue, 19 Mar 2002, no one wrote:

Thanks for your response,

> i.e. if you put the harddisk as secondary slave, LILO is trying to boot
> /dev/hdd1 rather than
> /dev/hda1 (as I suspect your setup would be)

Maybe, but I disconected all other drives from my P200, and told bios to
recognise the 386's drive as primary drive, also when using fdisk, I
*think* it showed the drive as hda

> 1.) Start again, load mulinux floppy, setup swap, then grab (SRV?) for LILO & clone immediately to harddisk, should setup LILO ok (make a floppy copy of LILO as well).
> Once rebooted on the harddisk-mu; load as many addons as you want :)

Only problem is, to load the SRV pack, I need to first load the USR pack.
If I skip the USR pack, then it complains about being unable to create the
ram disk. If I do load the USR pack, then load the SRV pack, the SRV pack
takes way too long to load (after 12 hours is only loaded 22%) I've set
swap for around 38mb, but it seems to be not enough.

If I boot only using USR (no SRV) then muLinux complains that it doesn't
have LILO. (which makes sense because LILO & LOADLIN are both on the SRV

Tonight I will try playing with the partitions and see if it is set as hdd
instead of hda.

Anyother ideas?


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