Réf. : Re: Trying to install on 386

From: Jean PALAZUELOS (jean.palazuelos-aptus@sysde.eads.net)
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 09:34:50 CET

>Only problem is, to load the SRV pack, I need to first load the USR pack.
>If I skip the USR pack, then it complains about being unable to create the
>ram disk. If I do load the USR pack, then load the SRV pack, the SRV pack
>takes way too long to load (after 12 hours is only loaded 22%) I've set
>swap for around 38mb, but it seems to be not enough.

I had the same problem but didn't solve it :( If someone could...

very very slow install procedure that didn't work...

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