mount problems

From: Daniel Webb (
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 10:02:15 CET

I want to use mulinux to backup/restore my laptop over ethernet, since it
has a tiny hard drive. So far I have been able to get ethernet to work,
and ssh now works (although rsh doesn't). Unfortunetly, I cannot
mount the hard disk under mulinux. When I try to mount, it gives the
"couldn't mount because of unsupported optional features"

I found some clue as to the reason here:

It may be that the old kernel mulinux uses can't read the partition
because of a new "sparse blocks" feature in newer kernels using ext2.
They recommend turning off the sparse super feature using tune2fs:

>tune2fs -s 0 <device>

which (according to the tune2fs man page), must be followed by e2fsck or
the filesystem will no longer be valid. Unfortunately, this means this
procedure must be done with the filesystem unmounted, which means it must
be done using mulinux. mulinux, however, does not have the tune2fs tool.
Can you add this tool to future versions or does it exist already in one
of the add-on packages?

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