Re: mount problems

From: Daniel Webb (
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 20:16:03 CET

> > I want to use mulinux to backup/restore my laptop over ethernet, since it
> > has a tiny hard drive. So far I have been able to get ethernet to work,
> > and ssh now works (although rsh doesn't). Unfortunetly, I cannot
> > mount the hard disk under mulinux. When I try to mount, it gives the
> > error:
> > "couldn't mount because of unsupported optional features"
> This is the new model of EXT2, made without the "-O none" option.
> The MU kernel cannot recognize. No solution, sorry.

  I think if mulinux had tune2fs in one of the add-on packages, I could
use the method described previously to turn off the sparse super feature
from mulinux. I know, I know, the FAQ says "no more binaries", but this
one would sure fix a big problem :)
  Has anyone else had problems with this? When I created the filesystems
using Debian testing, I didn't specify the -O feature, so I'm assuming it
is default now. Does that mean *all* new filesystem will be unmountable
by mulinux?

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