NFS addon

From: LEE EK WEE (
Date: Fri Apr 05 2002 - 04:59:50 CEST

I’m trying to run mulinux as a NFS file server. Since the daemon is missing,
I’m trying to put it in as a new addon (called it NFS addon). I cloned
mulinux onto a HD partition and unpack mulinux-12r2.tgz in it, and did “./mu
–u”. The binaries and lib files I used for the addon are:
rpc.mountd, rpc.nfsd, portmap,,,,
They are from RedHat 5.2(should be libc5). The lib files I got by using
“ldd” command on the binaries.
I followed the instructions in the addon help document
I put the bin files in /usr/nfs/bin, and the lib files in /usr/nfs/lib.
Then I created a NFS.tgz file by “tar-cvf NFS.tgz /usr/nfs”. I notice that
there is no /tree directory.
During symlink for to, I created the info_nfs() and
default_nfs() first, so that the will have those info.
In “#Begin Main” of “mu” script, I added:
       rebuild_nfs NFS usr/nfs

The other instructions are done following the addon document.
The question is:
1. When I wanted to create the nfs image by “mu –nfs”, the message came out:
You are using ‘mu’ under muLinux itself …
muLinux V12r2

2. When I reboot, I saw “Setting up NFS: configure”. But when I wanted to
run “portmap”, the machine say file not found. So is rpc.mountd and
rpc.nfsd. I tried “usr/nfs/bin/portmap” in root but get the same result.

Can anyone give some advice? Is my approach correct in the first place?
(I got excited when JVM addon came out. It proved new addon works.)

Roger Lee

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