Got my 386 working....any suggestions on what to use it for?

From: Craig Turner (
Date: Fri Apr 05 2002 - 06:11:31 CEST


After a bit of mucking around I finally got my 386 SX working with the
latest release, which was easier to get working than the earlier one for
a lowmem machine (8mb). Its got a 340 mb of hard drive. Now that its
working, I need to find a use for it!!!

I don't have a spare monitor, so I can't use it as a terminal...I'm
using a 486 with smoothwall as a firewall, so I don't need it for
that...I tried using it as a keyserver for, but the
proxy software crashes with an illegal instruction error.

I thought about using it as a DNS server for my LAN, but it seems to
respond quite slowly (will play with that a bit more)

I don't need a print server...any one out there using mulinux for
anything interesting that would work on a 386?

I don't want to just switch it off and put it away...


Cry Havoc...
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