Re: Crystal Sound card / config horrors

From: Alfie Costa (
Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 01:12:09 CEST

On 8 Apr 2002, at 8:15, Garry thomas Tucker <> wrote:

> I typed pnpdump > pnptext and got this file, but
> i dont know what to do with it now. I copied the

The pnptext was useful, it shows what the card is.

Unfortunately, a Google search for that card shows it needs a special Linux
driver. Therefore the card isn't compatible with mu's SoundBlaster driver.

Linux drivers do exist for the CRC4236 however.

> originall extensa.conf and replaced parts of it
> with parts from pnpdump, and then setup -f
> isapnp, answered y to everything, selected

An ergonomic bug in mu. A hopeful new user sees 'isapnp' in the 'setup'
program, and naturally thinks that mu will know how to set this mysterious
'isapnp' up. It's misleading; mu setup only runs 'isapnp foo.tmp' or whatever
the config file is named. Setup doesn't know how to edit or configure
'foo.tmp' -- the presumption is the user has already done this correctly.
"Garbage in, garbage out."

You may wonder if 'setup isapnp' has any use. It does... once isapnp is
working, you can use setup to have isapnp load automatically each
time you boot. That's all 'setup isapnp' does though.

> extensa, and it seemed to go ok, though didn't
> give me any confirmation or anything, then setup
> sound, and the probe thing just says FAIL for
> everything it probed, so i tryed setting i/o etc

It works like so: starting with 'foo.tmp' which you got from pnpdump, remove
the comments '#' from the lines you want to keep. Feed this to isapnp.

Example: the '/etc/isapnp.conf' file from my Debian
system... it correctly sets up a 56K modem so Linux can find it.

(READPORT 0x0273)

(CONFIGURE AKY0004/8889 (LD 0
 (IO 0 (SIZE 8) (BASE 0x02e8) (CHECK))
 (INT 0 (IRQ 5 (MODE +E)))
 (NAME "AKY0004/8889[0]{56K Plug&Play Modem }")
 (ACT Y)


For clarity, I edited out the remaining comments like so:

> sed '/^#/d' < /etc/isapnp.conf

Educational, try this:

> sed '/^#/d' < /etc/isapnp/extensa.conf

...and compare the differences to what's quoted above.

The home page of isapnptools has text files which may help, though they're not
the best...

Someday somebody will write a program to make this easier, let us hope.

> manually to different things but nothing seems to
> work. Am i doomed to have silent mu?

Doomed to silence. Unless you find the needed driver, (easy), and can
get it to work with mu, (a daunting task).

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