Re: Crystal Sound card / config horrors

From: Garry thomas Tucker (
Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 11:56:58 CEST

On Mon, 8 Apr 2002 19:12:09 -0400 Alfie Costa
<> wrote:

> It works like so: starting with 'foo.tmp' which you got from pnpdump, remove
> the comments '#' from the lines you want to keep. Feed this to isapnp.

I think i have figured out what the problem
was. Taking parts from pnpdump i made the
extensa file assigning irq220 io5 (or is it
the other way around?) dma 1. Then i
removed my cirrus svga card and ran setup -f
sound. It detected the card straight away
and set the sound up. then i typed say
hello gary this is mu talking finally. To
my disapointment, the speakers clicked as if
they were going to work, then clicked off
again (sigh). After sitting into the wee
small hours last night i decided that i was
doomed to failure, and after reading your
part about the driver needed i know why now.
I dont understand that stupid cirrus logic
gl5xxx card. I think its broke, i was
getting all garbled display when i tried to
use svga in x, but last night when i took it
out to try and probe the soundcard, the
onboard vga worked perfectly and i now have
a glorious resolution of 800x600 and a very
smooth running GUI. strange

> Doomed to silence. Unless you find the needed driver, (easy), and can
> get it to work with mu, (a daunting task).

I think i'll take that task. It'll give me
a chance to learn how stuff works, and i get
bored when things work perfectly! Thanks
for the advice, i shall now go find the
driver, and MAKE it work under mu.

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