[mu TECH]

From: Jim Mchugh (jim.mchugh@dowdingandmills.com)
Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 12:08:44 CEST


I downloaded and installed muLinux at the weekend, and was stunned!!!

What a piece of work!

The config / setup pages work brilliantly, apart from a few ommissions (see

Just a few questions:

1) Where do I change the hostname? I want to use it as a simple Samba file
server, but need a specific hostname. I thought it would be in the SMBD
setup but no. Any ideas?

2) As I say, I want to use this system as a NAS Fileserver. Because of this
I would like to use a 100Mbit network card. I set the system up with a
NE2000 and it worked fine. I have now tried a 3Com 3C905 (3c90x) and an
Intel EtherExpress 100B (eepro100) card and I cannot make either work. When
I go into the setup -> eth0 configuration and select the correct network
module it still asks me for a IO address and an IRQ. Surely these cards
don't need these being PnP. I leave the field blank and it tells me that the
card is "not well configured". Help!!!!!

3) Once the server is working, I would like to be able to see the muLinux
server from the Network Neighbourhood in Windows. To do this I need to set
the Workgroup and Domain in Samba to my domain. Where are these

Many thanks for your help, in advance....

Jim Mchugh (Birmingham UK)

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